We have four domes ready with three more coming soon! Click below to see each unique dome.

The Treehouse Dome

“The Treehouse”

This forest inspired dome sits at the steepest part of our cliff and has a magical forest walkway onto your private deck. This dome has a peekaboo view through the tree tops into the valley in the winter time and is engulfed in leaves throughout the rest of the year.

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Adventure Dome


This is an adventure themed dome complete with a mounted surfboard that travelled all the way to New Brunswick from Waikiki beach in Hawaii!

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Arizona Dome


Welcome to our boho Arizona dome! This dome is close to our heart as we have spent lots of time in Arizona over the years and we have brought our favorite parts back to this dome!

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Farmhouse Dome

“The Farmhouse”

This dome is the first one as you enter the property and has spectacular views of the valley and farmers’ fields.

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The Fun Dome


This fun dome is bright and lively and perfect for a family or adults looking to feel young again.

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The Anchor Dome

“The Anchor”

Welcome to our nautical dome with a subtle nod to life in the Maritimes! This large dome is situated on flat ground and is surrounded by woods.

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Mossy Log Dome

“Mossy Log”

It is built to make you feel tucked in and surrounded by darker finishes perfect for snuggling in by the fireplace and reading a good book.

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