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Frequently Asked Questions

Check in & check out times?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

Check in is after 3 pm, and check out is by 10 am. If you are arriving after 5 pm please contact us to arrange a late check in.

Pet friendly?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

If you love your pet enough to bring it on a getaway to a dome you must be a pretty awesome human, we can’t wait to meet your buddy! Please let us know when booking by adding your pet under the “Extras” section and we will leave a welcome kit in your dome which includes dog bowls, a dog bed, a deck gate, poo bags and a treat. Please keep dogs on a leash at all times so we can stay a pet friendly retreat. We require a $40 mandatory non-refundable pet fee at the time of booking if you are bringing one or two pets, and $80 for three pets. If extra cleaning is required upon check out, or damage to linens, furniture or the dome, you will be advised, and it will be charged to the credit card used for booking.


You will arrive to a clean, fresh and spotless oasis. If you are missing anything please contact us and we will be happy to help. Each dome has a broom, dustpan and Swiffer for any spills during your stay, if you need anything further, let us know. Our contact info is in the binder on your table.


We want you to have all of the comforts of home in your luxurious forest dome stay so we have included wifi in every dome leaving the choice to you to stay connected or to disconnect. Enjoy either way!

Year round?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

Our domes are ready for all four Canadian seasons. They are fully insulated and have both air conditioning and propane stoves to keep the temperature perfect in any season. Snuggle in and put your feet up.

Hot tubs?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

Yes, every dome includes a beautiful Canadian made hot tub at no additional charge. Our hot tubs are ready for this climate and are therefore useable all winter long. We are extremely committed to perfectly clean water, so your hot tub is rigorously cleaned and maintained with all PH balancing, alkalinity, calcium and chlorine testing done after every guest. Water is tested daily and changed regularly to ensure top water quality for our guests. Please check out our handy binder on the table which includes an easy how to guide if you have any hot tub questions.

Can I book a single night?2023-04-12T11:58:31-03:00

Our minimum stay is two nights, check in days are Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Select single Thursday nights are available if showing as green in the reservation calendar. Please email balsamridgeforestdomes@gmail.com or call 506-340-3663 to confirm as they cannot be booked online. Single nights are $339 plus tax.


Each dome has its own private driveway and parking directly in front of your deck which makes for easy transport of your luggage and groceries. Your pathway is lit by solar tree lights to guide you in after dark.

Bedding and towels?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

We supply all beds and the bathrooms with fresh, cozy linens so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. All domes come with extra blankets, eight pillows, two robes and ample towels for both the bathroom and the hot tub… We’ve got you covered… Literally!

Wheelchair friendly?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

Our domes are all fitted with 36” doors to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair. Our dome sites are all on raised decks and we have worked hard to make sure that each dome is accessible and comfortable for all of our guests. We are proud to be wheelchair friendly and if we can do anything better to accommodate you, please let us know, we appreciate feedback, that’s how we improve!

How many people per dome?2023-04-20T12:45:27-03:00

Occupancy per dome is 4 guests however a 5th can be added at the check out if the fifth guest is a child. We can accommodate the fifth with a convenient cot on request for a small fee of $20 per night, please inquire at time of booking. Each dome has the bedding for 4 guests to be accommodated in the king and queen sized beds. If you require more than 5 per dome a second dome will need to be booked, unless you’re booking the Fun dome. The Fun dome features a king sized bed, plus two double beds in the loft, and accepts a max of 6 guests (but no more than 4 adults).

Thank you for understanding our occupancy capacities.

Office & on-site maintenance?2023-03-03T08:55:45-04:00

Someone is available to you 24 hours a day during your stay, our after hours contact information can be found in your handy binder on your table under “After Hours Information”. The office hours during your stay are included in your booking information.


Each dome has a kitchen which includes modern finishes, a fridge, a four burner stovetop, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, a dishwasher and all cooking utensils such as pots, pans, dinnerware and cutlery. We have you covered with the essentials such as salt, pepper, olive oil, coffee, sugar and coffee whitener. We simply ask that on your last morning you add all dirty items to the dishwasher and press start. This help will give us a head start for our next guests and we really appreciate that. Please check out our handy binder on the table which includes an easy how to guide if you have any appliance questions.


Our domes are equipped with the same luxuries as home which means you will enjoy a hot shower and a flushing toilet in your own private bathroom in your dome. You have a slick pocket door with frosted glass in each bathroom for privacy and a beautiful vanity. We supply all bath towels, hot tub towels, a bath mat, soap, a hairdryer and a beautiful towel warmer so that you can heat your towels to be ready for you after your shower or pre-hot tub! Enjoy!

Family friendly?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

Absolutely! We have extra large domes on our property to allow families to also unwind and relax in nature. All of our domes are very private and separate from each other and we have done our very best to keep every possible tree and fern for exploring!

Propane stoves?2023-04-25T10:26:50-03:00

We chose to install propane stoves in all of our domes as they are the easiest to regulate, super user friendly, the safest option for children and they are perfect if there is a loss of power. The stove is located on the main level of each dome.

Please check out our handy binder on the table which includes an easy how to guide if you have any propane stove questions.

Fire tables?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

Every dome has an awesome deck that comes with a huge fire table alongside a set of Adirondack chairs, and solar string lights for relaxation and enjoyment. Your fire table is directly wired into a large propane source under your deck. If you have any questions on how to operate it, you can find the easy how to guide in your binder ion the table. Enjoy the flames!


Every dome has a beautiful stainless steel BBQ for your use and enjoyment. It is in a fixed spot on your deck between your hot tub, adirondack table and fire table. Enjoy!

Please check out our handy binder on the table which includes an easy how to guide if you have any BBQ questions.


We do not allow unregistered guests onto the property as it could effect other guests who wish for solitude. Should you wish to request visitors in writing prior to your stay we would be happy to consider the request, visiting hours, if approved, are done at 10pm, thank you for your understanding.

Quiet hours?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

We ask that quiet hours start at 10 pm to accommodate all guests. Thank you so much for respecting this!

Security gate?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

Our beautiful property is equipped with a steel security gate at the entry way. This is our way of ensuring you, our guests, that there will be no traffic after 10 pm each night. We close the gate every night at 10 pm but you can open it from the inside should you need to exit at any point in the night. If you do need to leave in the night, please ensure that you close it behind you.

Please check out our handy binder on the table which includes an easy how to guide if you have any security gate questions.

Bonfires and fireworks?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

We love both bonfires and fireworks, however, we are passionate about preserving our beautiful forested property full of large trees of many different species. One rogue spark and we could lose our forest and we are not willing to take that risk. Thank you for understanding our Smokey the Bear philosophy.


Please refrain from smoking or vaping inside any of our domes, once outdoors feel free and please dispose of your butts responsibly.

Group bookings?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

We do get requests to rent all domes or multiple domes at a time and we are happy to do this whenever possible. Our guests tend to book well in advance so the farther out you reserve the better the chance of being able to secure your request.

Snowmobile and ATV guests?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

Balsam Ridge Forest Domes is situated perfectly along the trail systems and we welcome snowmobilers and all terrain vehicles. You are welcome to park your ride at your dome and should you need to park a trailer during your stay, we have overflow parking onsite to accommodate you.

Forms of payment?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

We accept all major credit cards, debit, e-transfers, cash and Balsam Ridge Forest Domes Gift Cards (available on our website).

How do I make manual payments on my reservation?2023-03-03T08:55:44-04:00

To make a payment to your existing booking please follow the link below and type in your booking number and last name. The rest is self explanatory once you are on that page.


Which dome is the most private?2023-04-17T13:23:10-03:00

Each dome is nestled in its own private haven. And the best part? Every dome has something special about its location that sets it apart from the rest. Want a bird’s-eye view? Try our Treehouse dome, perched high above the slope. Craving a stunning sunset? The Farmhouse dome overlooks the valley and farmers’ fields. For a touch of whimsy, the Adventure dome boasts a gorgeous old tree, complete with twinkling lights you can control right from your dome. While our domes are very private, we’d say the Mossy Log is the most secluded. To discover even more hidden surprises, check out our Resort Map and see the unique placement of each dome along the ridge, as well as our trails.

Why are there different price points between the domes?2023-07-28T08:14:49-03:00

Three of our domes are priced differently than the others, this simply reflects extra amenities in these three domes. For example, The Anchor and Mossy Log both offer a luxurious sauna on their decks. Additionally, our Fun dome boasts an extra double bed and a huge indoor spiral slide. Please refer to our chart comparing amenities in all seven domes for an additional reference.

Which domes have a sauna?2023-10-31T09:59:35-03:00

The Anchor and Mossy Log both offer a luxurious sauna on their decks. At this time, they are the only domes in which you can indulge in this ultimate relaxation experience. The Arizona dome is scheduled for a sauna installation in mid-September 2024.

Do any of your domes have a washer and dryer?2023-05-24T11:43:04-03:00
The Farmhouse dome features a special amenity that no other dome has – a washer and dryer! Why worry about stuffing your suitcase full of dirty clothes when you can enjoy the convenience of your own personal laundry facilities? The Farmhouse dome is truly a home away from home, and the perfect place to rest and recharge during your adventure.
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